Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Word of the Day

Pescetarian - a vegetarian who eats fish (like me). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescetarian

I should have thought of this word. The wikipedia article fits too. They give several reasons as the rationale for this type of restricted diet, and several of them are mine. Fish seems to be a healthy food, and it seems to me that fish that are harvested for food have better quality of life than other species mass-produced by the livestock industry. The other reason that I give for eating fish is simply that I am too Norwegian not to. Still, I watch the quantity, particularly of smaller sea-creatures such as shrimp. One of the other rationales quoted by wikipedia was "I have to eat some kind of meat." I disagree with this one, because it is possible to get complete proteins through eggs and dairy products (which I eat - cutting back on cheese though because "cheese is evil"), or by combining grains and legumes.

Sometimes I feel bad for eating fish, because I think of pet fish we have had, and my observations that they do seem to have personality. However, I do have to eat something, and if I allowed myself I could also feel bad about plants and yeast, etc. that also die when they are harvested for food. They are all forms of life. I think that the key is to respect life of all kinds, not to waste or over-use any of them, and to maintain an awareness and appreciation for where our food comes from.


Anonymous alex said...

ha, my sis is a pescetarian.

7:58 PM  

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