Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hi, I'm Still Here. Are You?

Well, I did it again. Moved, got a job, became a workaholic. I'm still around though. As a very quick update, I am almost finished with graduate school. Now I'm a student intern. I always thought that I would finish the academic classes and then get one job that would fulfill my internship requirements and provide an income, and my life would settle down. Nope. I have a full-time job and a volunteer internship. I keep deciding that I don't really have time to sleep and eat.

Fortunately, my 16-year-0ld daughter, Ashley, loves the animals and has taken over most of that. I have not been very productive in the fiber arts. I have finished spinning one skein of yarn in the last year, and have been working on knitting the same sock since at least December. Not even the second of a pair. And I think that my digital camera has worn out, so I don't have pictures available at the moment. We have no babies this year either ( so far, anyway ). I should at least post a picture of Cayenne, who is half llama and half alpaca. She is beautiful, but not sure that she trusts us. Cayenne came to us in the Fall. And she loves the pears from the pear trees. We had to make sure that the pears were small enough or soft enough for her to eat, since llamas have such long necks and I hear they can choke easily. She never had a problem though. Now it is supposedly spring, and the grass appears intermittently from underneath the snow. Cayenne and the goats look disgusted when snow appears yet again to cover up their pasture. Since the children have become more proficient in digital photography, computer skills, and fiber arts, perhaps I will invite them to post here from time to time. They even have cameras that work. And they are quite busy but I think they have a bit of free time.


Blogger Amy said...

Hi Wendy,

Kathleen gave me this as a way to get in touch with you, I am crossing my fingers and hope you get this. I went to the knit shop quest. I bought some sock yarn and am thinking about starting a pair. I thought I would ask you where you thought a good place to start would be. I saw a book that looked pretty good called "Senstaional Socks"
Let me know if you have any better ideas

(Amy Tucker from Monday evenings)

5:06 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I tried to post earlier today but my computer or internet must have not like what I said so I will try again. Kathleen gave me this blog as a way to get in touch with Wendy. I hope that you can offer a bit of help. I went on the Yarn Quest and bought some sock yarn at one of the shops and now I need some advice on making some socks. I found a book called "Senstaional Socks" it looked like a good place to start but if you have any better ideas I would love to hear them.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Amy. You found me! I'm jealous that you got to do the knit shop quest. I wanted to do that, and didn't even make it to one yarn store this week. Did you get any neato fiberish prizes?

I'm actually not familiar with that book. I looked it up (Sensational Knitted Socks, by Charlene Schurch?), and those patterns look pretty neat, but also look quite advanced. What kind of sock yarn did you get? Is it plain or patterned? A great place to find sock patterns is knitty.com. Here is the link to the archived sock patterns:


You might look at this one:


or here is a basic toe up formula:


Check out this one too:


You will notice that there are various ways of knitting socks. I think that until fairly recently, most socks were knitted top-down, with a flap heel and grafted toe, on four or sometimes five dpns. Now a lot of them are toe up, and two circular needles are popular for knitting both socks at once. Heel options for toe up socks used to be the peasant heel or the short rows heel, but now some patterns have gusset-heels from the toe up too. And then there are other random methods including entrelac or modular constructions. And you don't have to start with the standard sock anymore. Next time I come out, maybe you can show me your yarn and I can bring some of my sock books and patterns, and find something that appeals to you.

P.S. I had to go to moderated comments because evil spammers were abusing my blog. So the way that comments work now is that I get an email and I have to publish the comment before it appears. So that's why you don't see it right away.

11:08 PM  

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